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    • The school is committed to the exploration of cadets through an exhaustive program, interesting instructions and envious standard of achievements. The curriculum is comprehensive and based on core subjects going beyond academic book knowledge but also facilitating development of concepts, ideas and skills. MCSK provides unique sports facilities and opportunities for co-curricular activities.This institution is administered by Bangladesh Army and supervised by the Area Commander, Jessore Area. By every passing year, MCSK is growing in terms of its academic excellence, infrastructural expansion and staff additions.Currently a Brigadier General from Bangladesh Army is posted as the Principal. The Vice Principal is a Lieutenant Colonel from Bangladesh Army too.
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Other faculty members are drawn from around the country and they make a good mix of experienced teaching staff. Two Captains/Lieutenants are posted as Adjutants for Boys and Girls Wing respectively. An Admin Officer of the rank of Major/Captain from Bangladesh Army is also appointed here for the smooth functioning of the institution.