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The Hostel facility at MCSK is a real home away from home. The Hostel is run according to the guiding principles laid down by governing body. Some of these principles are:

  • Students are always treated with kindness and love but firmly in matters relating to behaviour and discipline.
  • There is adequate time for study, sports and entertainment.
  • If and when they require, there is also additional teaching available.
  • Physical comfort may sometimes be felt to be lacking. However, this is partly by design, since we feel that students need to develop a certain toughness to prepare them for life.
  • However, this in no way compromises their health. Rather, we believe that their health and overall endurance improves markedly as a result of their experience in our Hostel.
  • MCSK has excellent infrastructure for sports and games.
  • Students are permitted to contact their parents on a preset and regular schedule.
  • Parents are permitted to meet their children on pre-announced days, and by request at certain requirements.
  • The boys’ hostel has four dorms and the girls’ hostel has two dorms as follows
    • Shah Amanat house
    • Shah Makhdum house
    • Shah Jalal house and
    • Khan Jahan Ali house
    • Dr. Neelima Ibrahim house and
    • Bir Pratik Capt Setara Begum
  • All dormitories are well-ventilated, spacious, well organized with adequate furniture and other amenities.
  • Each dorm has sufficient toilets and bathrooms.
  • Each dorm has water geysers facilities for shower.
  • Each dorm has water purifier and coolers for drinking waters.
  • A Canteen with a wide variety of snacks, drinks and other choices which provides students with alternatives
  • The school has well-equipped laundry, barber shop and bakery.
  • The School has comprehensive Health Centre facilities, with a separate ten-bed facility for boys and girls, staffed by part-time doctors and nurses/medical assistants round the clock.