Academic Overview

MCSK has three levels of study program; junior level (Class VI-VIII), SSC level (Class IX- X) & HSC level (Class XI-XII). The goal of the junior level program is to provide students with a sound foundation for future learning. It focuses on the students to make them active learner, with the curriculum designed to develop creativity and higher order of thinking.

The core study programs at the junior level includes language, glossaries of science, arts and mathematics, oral and written communications and uniform physical development programs. By the end of third year; students are expected to gain required confidence to undertake curriculum of SSC level public examination. Therefore at JSC, SSC and HSC level the students primarily study subjects prescribed by the education board. The students also continue to develop programs on oral and written communication skill including leadership development.

We expect students of MCSK to take risk, accept responsibilities for their own actions, become happy and enthusiastic learners, have courage to explore new ideas and keep themselves abreast with the current development in the field of science and commerce. MCSK aims at making them independent, self-confident and inquisitive individuals.