Academic Methodology

The academic curricula are organized according to the guidelines provided by JessoreEducation Board, with some degree of flexibility based on the learning needs of students. All Departments contribute towards a broad curriculum, which gradually specializes as students move from Secondary toward Higher Secondary.
We have two departments at MCSK i.e., science and commerce along with the common subjects.English is the medium of instruction (MOI) at all levels. In addition, the Departments are supported by a well-stocked and up-to-date School Library, with whole-school LAN connectivity and advanced IT facilities.
Students are encouraged to develop good study habits, a love of reading and learning and a commitment towards excellence. They are also trained to think critically, to interact appropriately with peers and teachers through the sharing of ideas and views, and to meet the challenges of a rigorous but rewarding curriculum.Beside extra-curricular activities, sports and physical training takes a good share of the students’ daily events.