Teacher Training Program

  • Communicative English. Since majority teaching staff are locally recruited, they do not usually belong to English background. The medium of institution being English, all are required to undertake their academic activities in English. We attach due importance to this issue and train up our teachers on communicative English so that they can effectively conduct classes, interact with cadets and use English in all practical purposes.
  • Training on Creative Question,Marking and Answering Techniques. This is the mainstay of our current learning process. It is therefore important for the teachers specially those who are new to acquire there skills quickly. We are periodically organizing training so that teachers are not only proficient in making creative questions but also effective in imparting lessons to the students. When necessary we are also organizing workshops for the benefits of all.

  • Training on Method of Instruction (MOI). Teachers are also trained on methods of instruction (MOI) so that they can effectively take classes. Idea is to encourage the teachers to bring in variety in the class rooms leaving typical class conduct style. Teachers are also encouraged to use training aids and IT where necessary to reinforce their lessons/arguments.

  • Training on Psychological Aspect. Academic activities and understanding of the students joining from varied background go hand in hand where the role of the teachers are of paramount importance. Basing on the requirements, we select teachers to undergo ‘Quantum Method’ so that they can improve upon their mental health for managing and controlling the students effectively. This also helps us in establishing better inter-personal relationship and fostering congenial academic environment .