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Campus Overview

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    While choosing a residential school for your child, a well laid out naturally and ecologically blessed vast expanse with essential facilities can make a huge difference in your decision making. MCSK has all the reasons to be proud of its unique campus founded on nearly 110 acres of land. Developing an aesthetically appealing backdrop so that it offers a fear free conducive learning environment for all the young hearts and living is much healthier here with the water bodies, greeneries and fresh air. We have 4 and 2 houses for the boys and girls respectively with integral dining halls and TV rooms. Besides we also have a mosque, library, sports complex, and a beautiful swimming pool. The academic building, Principal’s square and administrative building are major centers of cadet activities.

    Academic Building/Classrooms

    Both Girls and Boys Wing have separate Academic buildings. Usually each class is divided into two sections with 35-40 sits. Class rooms are furnished with independent table and chair for each student. We also have multi-media facilities for some classes and we are gradually extending it for other classes. All classes are under CCTV coverage to reinforce student’s attention, security and overall management.


    MCSK currently has a hall room integral to the academic building. Space wise it is not adequate though, we hope to build one at the earliest. It is there in the master plan of MCSK to have an auditorium of standard size with allied facilities.


    We have a library located opposite to the mosque. It aims to provide the students with reference books and other study materials to broaden their knowledge. The collection of books is not great by number though we have it our plan to develop it a hub for gathering knowledge.


    We also have a beautiful mosque located on the bank of the pond opposite the administrative building. We have religious teacher and support staff both for running the mosque and teaching the cadets on Quran and religion.

    Sports Complex

    It comprises 2 and 1 field for the Girls and Boys Wing respectively. We have taken steps to raise these grounds so that cadets can use them under all weather condition. Besides we have 4 Basketball courts for the Boys Wing. We have tennis and badminton courts with lighting facility. The cadets have abundant of opportunities to explore outdoor activities within MCSK sports complex.

    Swimming pool

    We have a wonderful swimming pool located near to the houses. There are training staff and basing on availability of time we try to impart swimming lessons to the weak swimmers.


    MCSK is self sufficient in transport facility. It has a beautiful array of quality transports for the conveyance of both the teachers and students. We organize visits, excursions and transportation of students to and from the examination halls including medical evacuations using own transports.


    Because of prevalent socio-cultural condition full time doctors are not available for recruitment in an interior location like MCSK. We still have a Lady Doctor for the Girls Wing who is visiting 5 days a week and the Male Doctor is available for 2 days a week for the Boys Wing. We have MI Room that remains open 24 hours. In case of any contingencies we have the supports of Jahanabad CMH and Upasham, Khulna for the military dependant patients. Besides we also have earmarked specialists in Khulna medical college and whenever needed our cadets are referred for medical advice.


    No amount of security measures may be regarded as adequate. MCSK being located far away from the city or any cantonment, we had to install our own security system in place keeping in view the prevailing law and order situation and local realities. We have a private security platoon employed for 24 hours a day looking after the internal and external security of the institute. Besides physical security we also brought the entire institute under CC TV coverage which is greatly reinforcing our security system.