Our Pledges

A well balanced education should help each student prepare for a rapidly changing world and increasing demands. We therefore pledge to provide every student the appropriate learning environment and intimate care which will enable them to succeed not only as cadet but also as grownup in the coming days. Within MCSK they are allowed to bloom their individual qualities to be a man of integrity. Each cadet will emerge from MCSK as a considerate, accomplished and aware global citizen ready to assume responsibility for making the world better.

We also pledge to create a safe, caring, disciplined and candid environment here at MCSK. In attainment of such potentials we show zero tolerance on following:

  • Smoking or in possession tobacco
  • Use of drugs
  • Unauthorized use or control of mobile phone
  • Unauthorized possession of any electronic gadgets
  • Cheating, lying and stealing
  • Adoption of unfair means in the examination hall
  • Using junior cadets in any form for the personal purposes or personal gains of senior cadets
  • Willful and deliberate damaging of College property
  • Absenting from classroom activities, prayers, college activities and college functions without any proper cause
  • Habitual non-punctuality, untidiness and slovenliness
  • Any act of moral turpitude
  • Flogging (beating) or executing unauthorized kind of punishment
  • Fleeing from the college
  • Any act that the Principal may deem unacceptable